#ThisIsMyDisabledStyle is taking over Twitter, and its gorgeous

Head to your timeline, because people with disabilities are flaunting their personal style on Twitter, and it is fabulous. #ThisIsMyDisabledStyle features everything from color-coordinated canes to itty-bitty babies to bright and bold made-up faces.

It began with a tweet from Mexican diversity, disability, and inclusion advocate and activist Maryangel Garca-Ramos.

I was looking at pictures of friends who happen to have disabilities, and thought I wanted to see more, Garca-Ramos told the Daily Dot over email. I wanted to see how everyone expresses themselves. Originally, I am a fashion designer, and I believe your personal style is an extension of your identity and part of the precise moment in the life journey you are on. And it evolves. Everyone has a style and it was the perfect opportunity to use Twitter to share our own stories.

Her tweet quickly went viral, with many sharing photos that are bold, beautiful, and heartwarming.

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