Here’s how much all of the ‘Game of Thrones’ brand collaborations cost

Winter is comingand with that, so are Game of Thrones many, many brand collaborations.

Game of Thrones merchandise and HBO brand partnerships have even been part of selling Game of Thrones to fans for years; in fact, its practically built in from the shows premise with all of those house sigils. Weve seen clothes, blankets, Funko Pop! Figures, toys, bobblehead dolls, cards, plush direwolves, and a long-running set of Game of Thrones-inspired beers from Ommegang, just to name a few. In recent years, HBO has also gotten into wine, andGame of Thrones partnered with Major League Baseball for a yearly Game of Thrones night. There was even a contest to win a Volvo with the Game of Thrones logo on it a few years ago.

With Game of Thronesseason 8 on the horizon, the marketing machine is back in full force. The final season is one of TVs most anticipated in years. The cast and crew arent revealing much, and we didnt even get our first trailer until last month.

So HBO has gotten creative with how to market a show so well-known that posters dont even need to carry the full-name anymore. Some staples, such as the Ommegang beer and MLBs Game of Thrones night, are back. But ahead of season 8, we have many more partnerships and collaborations being marketed to us than in previous seasons. There’s scotch whisky. We can purchase Game of Thrones-themed sneakers and high-end mens fashion line, a makeup line, cookies, and soda. And remember that Bud Light Super Bowl ad?

Some of it looks cool. Some of it fits within the world of Westeros while others dont make a whole lot of sense. Some of it is almost definitely out of our price range. But no matter how we feel about it, chances are, it might already be sold out. Its… quite a bit if were being honest.

It feels like, dare I say it, almost like were gearing up for a Star Wars movie in terms of product choice. (Having bought plenty of that merch for myself, it might not be a completely bad thingexcept for maybe my wallet.) Or maybe it just feels that way because there’s been so little footage to promote Game of Thrones season 8. Or perhaps, with the show ending, this is the time to go all-out because whileGame of Thrones fandom will still survive after season 8, it probably wont ever be this popular again.

Game of Thronesseason 8 collaborations

1) Adidas x Game of Thrones Ultraboost Shoes


  • Price: $180
  • How obvious is the Game of Thrones connection: Not very unless youre looking inside the shoe

Want to support your Westeros house or organization with your kicks? Adidas made that possible with six different versions of its Ultraboost running shoe. House Lannisters shoe was the flashiest while one version of House Targaryens shoes included a hint of the flames Danys dragons are known for, but the other fourNights Watch, White Walkers, House Stark, and a second for House Targaryenare all rather muted. They look great, and as of this writing, most of the styles and sizes have sold out.

If youre not used to purchasing running shoes, the price tag can be a bit of a shock; theyre around the same price as Adidas regular Ultraboost shoes. But purchasing them comes with two risks. One, if youre a runner, that particular style might not work for you, and purchasing them online doesnt allow you to test them in-person beforehand. And two, if youre not using them for running, youre essentially spending nearly $200 on a pair of glorified walking shoes, and there are many more practical options.

2) Game of Thrones x Mountain Dew cans

Mountain Dew

  • Price: N/A
  • How obvious is the Game of Thrones connection: Only when chilled

Ahead of season 8, Mountain Dew teamed up with Game of Thrones for a limited edition white soda can, that, when chilled, will reveal the names of several people on Aryas kill list. The cans are part of a contest which you could enter by revealing what you would sacrifice for the Iron Throne or by locating a vending machine in New York or Los Angeles.

Im not quite sure what Mountain Dew has to do with Game of Thrones, but it did give us a star-studded remix of the Game of Thrones theme song featuring Migos, the Chainsmokers, and several recognizable sports stars.

3) Oreo Game of Thrones Cookies


  • Price: Varies
  • How obvious is the Game of Thrones connection: More so if you have a close-up of the Oreo

Sometimes, theres a logistical way to tie your project to Game of Thrones. Other times, all it takes is slapping some house sigils onto your product to call it a collaboration. The Oreo collaboration is the latter as it offers four different cookie stylesthe Stark direwolf, the Lannister lion, the Targaryen three-headed dragon, and the Night Kings facefor you to consume. The cookies will be available nationwide starting April 8, but there is a limited supply. Its still an Oreo, but just Game of Thrones-themed. For some fans, it might be enough to convince them to pick up a package.

Even if you cant get your hands on a package of Game of Thrones Oreos, we at least get an Oreo-fueled Game of Thrones animated opening sequence. The center stood in for Westeros landscape while 2,750 cookies were used to build iconic landmarks from the ground up. The eventual crumble will be that much sweeter.

4) Urban Decay x Game of Thrones

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