This Story Of An Heiress Who Faked Her Own Wedding For Publicity Is Insane Betches

Why is it that when a man scams, my instinct is to clamor for his imprisonment, and when a woman scams, my immediate reaction is, “yes, sis, get that bread”? It’s a question I will continue to investigate as I cover this insane story of Andi Potamkin, an heiress who allegedly faked her own wedding as an elaborate PR stunt.

Here’s the tea. Andi Potamkin, of Potamkin Auto Group fame/wealth (never heard of it, but k), and Jordan Blackmore, celebrity hairstylist to the stars, met in 2006 at a Miami nightclub. I feel like this gives you a good barometer of the level of opulence and douchiness we are about to deal with. Four years and who knows how many spray tans later, Jordan proposed to Andi with a $90,000 ring. See? I told you. Opulence. They even got matching tattoos that said “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” See? I told you: douchiness.

Anyway, Jordan and Andi planned a ridiculously expensive wedding. Their save-the-dates were geodes that came with a hammer and directions on how to crack open the rocks. Guests were flown in on private jets. The NY Post reports, “There were yoga and watercolor classes, guided walks and custom-made paper dolls in the image of each guest to accompany the keys to their suites, which typically run $2,600 to $4,350 a night.”

I’m sorry, was this a wedding or f*cking Coachella?

But despite the fact that their wedding reception did very much happen, Jordan Blackmore is now alleging in a Brooklyn federal court that he and Andi were never actually married, and the whole wedding was an elaborate scam so that Andi could get, according to the lawsuit, “a lavish wedding experience, a public-relations stunt and the attention that came with it,” unlike every other millennial you know who gets married to their boyfriend of under a year. But Jordan is alleging, basically, that Andi and her dad cooked up this scheme to protect her and her father’s assets, so now he is suing.

Why would they do this? Well, Andi’s dad is not like, your dad who bought a BMW as a mid-life crisis purchase. He is worth a cool $150 million, and (I’m editorializing here) would not want to have to give any portion of that to a former son-in-law, should Jordan and Andi get divorced.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Kanye: Holla “we want prenup!” WE WANT PRENUP! Yeah, not so fast. Apparently, Alan Potamkin, who has been married three times, once had one of his own prenups invalidated, so he had to give his ex-wife $30 million in assets. Yeesh. So, dad is triggered. On top of that, Jordan supposedly “dragged his feet” signing a prenup, only signing it days before the wedding. That doesn’t look great for him! So, Alan (Andi’s dad) and Andi allegedly hatched a plan: go through with the wedding, but fake the actual marriage.

How did they do it? It’s pretty simple, actually: Andi had a yoga instructor friend officiate the wedding (lol). BUT, she told the friend not to bother getting officiated because she and Jordan were going to officially get married in New York before their Utah wedding. And you can fill in the blanks from here.

Jordan and Andi were “married” for three years, without ever actually being married. And Jordan found out about the scheme in the most savage way possible: he noticed some vague language in a draft of his and Andi’s separation agreement, which called their Utah wedding “symbolic”. Ouch.

So now, Jordan is suing, demanding $2 million in damages, claiming the Potamkins hurt his business reputation.

And here’s possibly why I’m not mad at Andi for scamming. Number one, her dad paid for the wedding—which cost a million dollars. So it’s not like Jordan was out any money for the fake wedding. If that were the case, I would totally see why he’d sue to recoup that loss. Number two, according to the NY Post, the relationship unraveled “with Andi allegedly having an affair and Alan failing to come through with a promised $300,000 investment in Blackmore’s business.”

Hmm. So is this really a case of this fake wedding hurting Jordan’s business, or is it more of a case of homeboy being salty that his girlfriend’s dad didn’t give him money, on top of saltiness over being cheated on? And, given that after their relationship ended, Jordan is suing Andi for a couple mill, were she and her dad smart to fake the wedding in the first place?

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