Munroe Bergdorf: At the beginning of my transition I felt the need to look feminine now I dont care

The transgender model on her going out shirt dress and why shes finally as happy in an oversized jumper as a sequin gown

Clothes used to hold a lot more significance for me than they do now. In 2011, at the beginning of my transition, I definitely felt the need to look feminine for people in order to validate my gender identity. Now I just dont care. I am as much a woman if Im in trackie bottoms and an oversized jumper as I am in a long sequin gown it has no impact on who I am as a person.

Thats something it has taken me a long time to learn, but its also why the conversations surrounding non-binary identities are so important. It is getting rid of gender stereotypes that ultimately oppress everybody. I think that being complacent and not challenging norms is dangerous, because marginalised people dont benefit from the norm.

This shirt dress is by Art School London two young designers who also happen to be non-binary and I wore it at London fashion week menswear earlier this year. I walked for Art School two seasons back and just fell in love with them. I like that theyre making a statement by saying: What is menswear in 2019? It could be absolutely anything.

I am a little more dressy than usual at fashion week, but this is a typical going out look for me. I dont like to stick to a single aesthetic and Im inspired by women who are the same: Beyonc, Rihanna, even Oprah. Having one set look works for some people but my tastes tend to change, although I gravitate towards clothes that make me feel me empowered. I dont have any fashion regrets: everything Ive worn, Ive wanted to wear at the time. Not everything works but it doesnt have to youre allowed to get it wrong. I just wear whatever I feel excited by.

At the beginning of my transition, I was more experimental with my clothes but even now Im always up for trying new things. Ive definitely honed it and know what is flattering for my shape but, also, my shape has changed. Im a lot more curvy now and Ive learned how to embrace that. I guess Id describe my style as comfortably glamorous.

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